An amazing kinetic LEGO sculpture celebrates the 150th anniversary of Canada [Video]

Kinetic LEGO sculptures have already become Jason Allemann’s (JK Brickworks) signature builds, and we interviewed Jason last year about his LEGO Ideas Maze set. However, it looks like he can build a moving creation for any occasion. His most recent work, Voyageurs Automaton, is designed to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada. Even before the electric motor is turned on, the build impresses with a rugged pair of French Canadians who are busy transporting furs in their canoe.


But once the motor is on, both figures come alive to row in tandem. What makes this work even more amazing is the moving canoe. As usual with Jason’s works, the mechanism hidden beneath the water is surprisingly simple, and Jason shares a very captivating video revealing all the secrets of his build.

And once you’ve enjoyed the video make sure to spot many of very smart designs like the oars or the iconic Hudson’s Bay point blanket.

Tools of the fur trade