Vic Viper or Thicc Viper?

It is the start of December and that means my favourite month project is over. That does not mean, however, that we have stopped featuring recently built Vic Vipers, as you can see here. It seems NnoVVember is attuned to lazy builders, and that means most entries, including mine came in the last week (and apparently there is a wide-spread belief that November has 31 days…). A very unique part of this group is Jussi Koskinen‘s Baryon Vic Viper.

Baryon Vic Viper

While the spaceship’s shaping is not unique as a baseline, it is so in consideration of the format. We are used to sleek and gracile Vic Vipers, and Jussi’s Baryon will have none of that. While there are many smooth and curved surfaces, they are supported with a bulky design instead of an (uselessly so in the vacuum of space, I should add!) aerodynamical shape. There are two uncharacteristically large guns at the front with some nice details, accented by the grills on the wings, using light gray “gold bar” pieces to full effect.

Baryon Vic Viper

The most striking part about this build is also the most subtle one, however. We are used to seeing stripes encircling wings on spaceships using clip-and-bar hinge systems, which tend to leave gaps and somewhat unfinished looking textures. Jussi has found an ingenious solution to this, using the old hinge system from the 90s that makes for a seamless stripe of equal thickness and an easy to control shape.

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