20% off select LEGO on Target [News]

Did you miss all the good sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Or maybe you did find some great bargains but are ready for round 2! Whatever the case may be, here’s another chance for you to grab a deal. Target is running a sale from now until Dec. 9 giving 20% off select LEGO, including some brand new sets such as the 75204 Sandspeeder from The Last Jedi, which we recently reviewed.

[Update] It appears the sale is on select sets only, and does not include the large, hard-to-find sets we originally featured below. We apologize for this confusion—we received this information directly from Target, but the actual sale seems to differ significantly from what Target communicated to us. We’ll be more cautious with info we receive from Target in the future.

Click the banner above to browse the LEGO selection on Target.

6 comments on “20% off select LEGO on Target [News]

  1. YTjedi

    was this a fluke on their part? when I check now only a few items are discounted, and none of them are the large hard-to-find items.

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