We don’t need a bigger boat

Although a bigger boat is sometimes a necessity, shrinking your favourite LEGO ships into more manageable proportions can be useful. Brick LeKao might have run out of display space, or perhaps he’s just a fan of more petite sets judging by his collection of cute Pirates of the Caribbean microscale ships. Silent Mary, the Black Pearl, and Queen Ann’s Revenge are all built in microscale, but despite their small size, they are completely recognisable as the famous vessels.

MINI Queen Anne's Revenge

Silent Mary still looks as forlorn in microscale as the full-scale version, with those raggedy sails and broken mast. The clever use of the bar holder with handle as the canons is probably my favourite part of this mini ship.

MINI Silent Mary

The Black Pearl is no less intimidating, despite fitting into the palm of my hand. The shapely, curvaceous sails are spot on, using the same parts as the sails on the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

MINI Black Pearl

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  1. Matthew Small

    The scaling on these models is fantastic! the details instantly recognizable. Please tell me there’s somewhere to get the instructions so I can build!

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