Mladen Pejic’s Blacktron rovers

Mecha legend Mladen Pejic has built an interesting pair of quad-legged rovers in Blactron I & II livery, using an ingenious technique to create spherical rollers as opposed to wheels. The resulting ‘legs’ give the rovers a wonderful sense of character and allow all manners of dynamic posing.

Trespasser Blacktron Rover LEGO

Of the two, my favourite has to be the Trespasser shown above…mainly because of the surprising cockpit.

Yet, the Quadrax With its classic bubble cockpit is equally as cool.

Quadrax Blacktron Rover LEGO

And I obviously can’t write a post about Mladen Pejic without mentioning how awesome it is to have him on Flickr now. I know his old Sympatico site has always been a huge inspiration for me and countless others. So when he posted this Lynx Tank to Flickr a few months back, I have to admit I was rather excited…and now to have more fresh builds is just icing.

Lynx Tank LEGO Mladen Pejic

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