The most dangerous hunt: Cretaceous trophies

When building a LEGO collection, one often accumulates many special pieces – unique trinkets destined for greatness, or the closest special parts bin. What you may not know however is that these pieces are special to your minifigures too – special enough to hang in some short of ghoulish trophy room to be stared at with smokey-depressed-retirement eyes:

Adventures End

TBB mainstay Paddy Bricksplitter knows this, as does ‘Old Johnny’; together they created one viciously intriguing trophy room overflowing with story potential. And oh what a story it was! Clearly this time, it was the T-Rex who should have run!

2 comments on “The most dangerous hunt: Cretaceous trophies

  1. Creative Anarchy

    Gorgeous fireplace. I think that railing from Elves is really quickly becomming my new favorite piece.

  2. Alexander

    I love how much each of these trophies resemble various subthemes of the Adventures sets :) Yeti from the Orient Expedition and the pharaoh headgear are just pefrect!

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