The moon landing was faked!

If NASA had done it as well as this version by duo Sean and Steph Mayo, maybe they’d have gotten away with it. Rarely am I a fan of non-LEGO elements added to a creation, but in this case the moon dust really takes this up a notch. The best detail here for me, though, is the brick-built tires (a combination of words which rarely refers to anything good).

Lunar Lego Landing

3 comments on “The moon landing was faked!

  1. AnonymusMan

    I honestly cannot believe you honestly think NASA faked the moon landings! (okay, on second thought, i can believe it!) explain yourself,please!(p.s. Neil Armstrong was one of my heroes as a kid.)

  2. AnonymusMan

    oh,ok. kinda overreacted. although if you have to explain the joke,it’s probably not that funny.

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