Rock you like a Hurricane

Tim Schwalf brings us the Hurricane Battlecruiser, a 155 stud behemoth made of equal parts smooth paneling and fantastic greebling. The smaller fighters and overall presentation kick the whole thing up to 11.

And if you’re beginning to see a trend in our coverage this month, head on over to the SHIPtember group to see these leviathans being built.

5 comments on “Rock you like a Hurricane

  1. alldarker

    That’s a great looking build!
    Just wondering about the stats: a crew of 10,000 people… on a ship of only 700 m in length (that’s 14 people per meter)?!? Also, a crew of 10,000 on a ship described as a battle cruiser? That seems rather inefficient!

  2. Fenrir


    Well, it’s twice the length of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, which has a crew nearing 6000 when you count in the aircrew.

  3. DrNicket

    It’s not like it’s only one deck high either… I’m guessing between 30m and 50m high at it’s thick point. that’s at about a dozen decks or more depending on the space between decks for cabling, bulkheads, etc.

  4. alldarker

    @Fenrir and @DrNicket: both true and fair points… then again, according to the wiki, Nimitz’s ship’s company is ‘only’ 3,200, with an aircrew of 2,480. It seems a little steep to have the same fraction (+/-40% of the total crew of 10,000) dedicated to the 8 light gunships this Battleship carries. Also, I’d hope a sophisticated, super-advanced spaceship would be a little less reliant on such a giant crew. :)
    Anyhow, my apologies for derailing the comments.

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