The Tumbler LEGO Set Review (76023)

LEGO Tumbler Box Art

We recently received a copy of LEGO’s exclusive addition to their Superhero line, The Tumbler. Official piece count is listed as 1869 elements. The actual model measures nearly 16 inches long, over 9 inches wide, over 5 inches high and weighs in at just over 4 and half pounds. The thing is huge! It currently retails at 199.99 USD.

LEGO Tumbler Front Detail

– It is very accurate to the original vehicle. The details, inside and out, are very good. The cockpit area is full of minute detail and the stickers really make the control panels come alive. The used of wedge plates, tiles, hinges, bar connections and ball joints work really well together to create the unique shape which is crucial to the Tumbler.
– There are lots of good parts and a fair number of fairly unique pieces. The huge rear wheels are cool and the two front wheels are currently only available in this set, I believe.
– The build is challenging and the there are some unusual techniques that were used to achieve the proper angles.
– It is a very good-looking model…quite an eye-catcher actually.

LEGO Tumbler Rear Wheel

– The parts are mostly black and grey. No surprise here as those are the colors with which Batman prefers to work. However is makes for a pretty monotone parts pack, if you are buying it for the pieces.
– Its part-to-price ration is 10.7 cents per piece which is on the high end of average. So while this set is not over-priced, it’s not a bargain either.
– The building experience was rather monotonous as every detail has a mirror image on the other side of the vehicle. So you build a detail and then you build it again but reversed. I don’t see how LEGO could have avoided that but it did get rather boring about half way through.
– The lack of features left me feeling a bit flat. While it is a gorgeous model, as I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t do anything. Well, that is not entirely accurate. The rook panels lift off so you can access the cockpit, you can adjust the various wing pieces and the gear shift moves. But other than that, nothing. I have built other sets this size and the good ones have some working features. This is really just a beauty queen, designed to sit on a shelf.

The set is big and beautiful. I really like how it looks. If you want an accurate and impressive Tumbler made from LEGO, this is the set for you. However, if you are buying this for parts to add to your collection, I’d give it a pass. It isn’t over-priced and if you don’t regularly build models with intricate angles, you may learn some new building techniques. It will look good sitting on a shelf and will ‘wow’ your friends. But it won’t be one that you pull down to show off the cool features.

Check out this album to see pics from the build.

Here is a short video of how the Tumbler fared in The Brothers Brick’s state-of-the-art testing facility:

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  1. Crazy Dino

    I almost made a similar mistake with the keyboards! It’s not an error just bad instructions printing, the two keyboards go on the arms just in front and offset of the chairs!

  2. mattb

    I thought the same thing. Lego had an error. But those belong next to the sets and the ones next to the sets belong on the sets.
    I don’t have a camera on me or I would take a photo for you.

  3. Aanchir

    My strategy for avoiding the monotony of symmetrical builds: build with a friend or sibling. That way whenever you get to a portion you know will be symmetrical, one of you can build according to the instructions and the other can do the opposite.

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