LEGO Melbourne 1972... and a quick message from our sponsors

For the third time (previous ones here and the supremely talented here), Michael Pianta (scruffulous) and I teamed up to present a 1972 era diorama at Brickvention 2014 based on the railroads of the great state of Victoria, Australia.

Brickvention 2014 - Overview

APM mill - Gray siding through leavesThis time we chose our most urban setting yet in the APM Paper Mill in suburban Melbourne alongside some of its neighbouring suburbia. As usual, our goal was to create as realistic a display as possible, under the limitations of our collaboration (I fly my contribution in) with the specific targets of creating: 1) plausible landscaping, flora and fauna, 2) minimal gridding and, 3) realistic roads and rail. I’m happy enough with it to think we hit the targets.

APM mill - Tim's houses with J Class

On a sadder note, I’m using this flagrantly self-promotional post to announce my resignation from TBB as a writer/editor/curator/whatever the latest hip term for it is. After many years sharing my love of LEGO with you all, I need to focus my time and energies on other things. I even hope to start building more models again, although I’m not threatening that too strongly. I happily extend my thanks to Andrew, Josh, my co-bloggers new and old, and especially our readers for the fabulous time I’ve had here.

8 comments on “LEGO Melbourne 1972... and a quick message from our sponsors

  1. mpoh98

    This is a fantastic collab build, the size and detail is amazing. I am very sorry to hear you go, it is always sad when people step away from Lego. This is my favorite blog, and I am sorry to see one of the blogger’s go, I have enjoyed your blog posts, especially the amazing train builds you find, and of course, your own amazing builds Again, I am sorry to see you go, but I understand that Lego is just a hobby for most people, and that their are more important things in life. I thank you for your service to this amazing blog, I have enjoyed following your posts, and your colleagues posts. I will always enjoy looking back on your posts.


  2. peterab

    It’s sad to see you leave TBB, not least because I’ll miss your train posts. You’ll always be the rock star of the Aussie LEGO scene for me. I wish you well with the other things.

  3. Mnemonyx

    I trust another Australian train fan will be promoted to the esteemed status of Brother to take your place. Thanks for your contribution over the years, Tim. And well done on APM Melbourne 1972 – off the grid and outside the square!

  4. Hoexbroe

    Fantastic train-layout. Excellent use of blue backgrounds! (I´m still trying to get them commonly accepted in my LUG here in Spain).
    Very sad to see you go, Tim!

  5. Chris

    @mpoh98: I don’t believe Tim is getting out of the hobby, just stepping down from writing here at TBB. Hopefully we’ll continue to see many more of his fantastic models in the coming months and years.

  6. russtiffer

    i love seeing traditional model railroading mixing with lego railroading. the blue background and half buildings add for a nice depth without taking away from the main medium. my father is a traditional model railroader and he has taught me a bunch of different tricks that i have been trying to incorporate into my table layout. the one i am trying out now is using the stiff insulation you get at home improvement stores as supports. you can cut it to the specs you need and it holds shape with the added weight (at least so far, just started using it). i am hoping to save on support pieces since my collection is small.

  7. gambort Post author

    Thanks everybody :) As Chris notes I’m not getting out of the hobby. I hope (although only time will tell) to get more built as I focus my limited hobby time on building.

    Henrik> With just two of us it was pretty easy to get consensus. Mike> How do you feel about backboards? Tim> They’ll work wekk Mike> OK. Let’s use them. Tim> Great!

    russtiffer> I have vague memories of a LEGO Layout that used the insulation (or some sort of cut plasticky stuff). But damned if I can remember who made it. Maybe someone here has a better memory than me.

  8. LukeClarenceVan

    May the clatter of rails and the melancholy smoke of coal accompany your departure – it won’t be the same here without the resident train expert. Enjoy the building time this frees up, and thanks for your time on this blog. I know it goes unsaid by many, but I think we all appreciate the effort all the posters put into this site.

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