This creature totally rocks

Bad puns aside, Dave Foreman has proven that a sufficiently talented builder can make a fantastic-looking creature out of almost any pieces. Using the notoriously disliked BURPs (Big Ugly Rock Pieces) and LURPs (Little Ugly Rock Pieces), Dave creates this astounding rock monster that is what we all wish the Rock Raider’s Rock Monster or this set had looked like. The best part is that Dave says this is only a practice run before he builds a better version with a full scene.

3 comments on “This creature totally rocks

  1. Ralph

    Chirs, did you see the title of the post I wrote just minutes before you posted this one? Great minds think alike and all that!

  2. Dave

    Wow thanks guys! Its such an honor to be blogged by your outfit. I even joked to myself when I started the MOC “I wonder if the system guys will like this.” I guess this answers that question.

    What’s funny is that I didn’t even know these parts were called BURPs or LURPs and that nobody liked them. LOL I had a whole bunch of them from my Bionicle Playsets and it was the lazy way to do rock texturing without using a bunch of slopes and bricks which is what i normally see and eventually want to do with my original idea for a “Rock Monster.” To be fair though this is a practice in the technique of texturing with system, not an actual practice run of that Rock Monster concept I described. I’m sorry if that was misleading. That probably won’t happen for a long time. I didn’t use that cool slopey technique you guys use because I don’t have that many of the slopes and bricks in a single color or adequate colors. I like you probably are, am thinking of that old rock raiders rock monster, so I want to use a lot of brown with some dark and light grey thrown in there. Boom Crane-Arm Rock Monster Dude(that’s temporary) is gonna require a nice big Bricklink order and some kind of construction vehicle technic set. Don’t wanna get anyone’s hopes up. ^^; I will however say that this still was practice for my next MOC. :)

    Thank you Chris, and anyone else who comments, faves or likes my MOCs. :D

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