LEGO Record Store

This scene, by Ryan Howerter (AKA eldeeem) perfectly captures the look and feel of music stores all over the country and perhaps all over the world. The use of 2×2 printed tiles as LP jackets is spot-on and the eclectic nature of album art is such that just about any tile would make a good jacket. I also love the speaker up in the corner, as it really anchors the shot. I also like the use of 1×1 tiles as CDs. I have to say I’m impressed. It is not often that a builder completely captures the essence of scene like this. Ryan did so well, I feel like I’ve bought music there. In fact, I think I recognize some of those customers.

Record Store

11 comments on “LEGO Record Store

  1. jimmythefly

    Reminds me of the movie High Fidelity.

    OK Top 5 songs that relate to Lego.

    I’ll go first
    1. The Commodores -Brick House

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