Collaborative displays rock

As nice as the individual models that we blog are, I think there’s often something really special about collaborative builds. The collaborative display by Pennlug at Brickfair, for instance, was one of my favourite things on show and Bricksboro Beach, built by members of Brickish, was probably the nicest display I have ever personally been involved with.

Lowlug town layout at Legoworld

Last weekend, Legoworld took place in Utrecht in the Netherlands. Even though it is the public event closest to where I live and the largest LEGO-event in the Netherlands, I could not make it there myself. This is unfortunate for a variety of reasons, including because I would have loved to see the collaborative city display by lowlug-members Erik Smit (عʈ¡ – ʇıɯs ıʇə ʞıɹə), Tijger-San, Thomassio, Mockingbird, Arjan Oude Kotte (Konajra), Neverroads, Ruben Ras (workfromtheheart) and JeroenD (in random order).

Modular street

The individual elements, such as the cafe-corner compatible buildings (such as the ones by Tijger-San pictured above) are nice, but the whole display is one of those ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ kind of things. You could walk around this and would keep noticing new things. If you want to get an impression of what it must looked like to members of the audience, check out Erik’s video.

3 comments on “Collaborative displays rock

  1. eti

    Thanks for blogging us!

    Just to avoid confusion – the second picture on this post is not a picture of our collective display. It is just Tijger-San’s houses (which are definitely good enough to be blogged on here of course!)
    I did not take good pictures of the entire display, just a video, but MOCkingbird took a bunch of pictures, they’re in this album:

    And I will let you guys know when the pictures of my fellow Lowlug members’ Castle display are on line. It was the best Castle display I’ve ever seen.

  2. Ralph Post author

    ^I figured that the picture itself would make it clear enough that the houses are just part of the display, but I’ve changed the wording a bit to make this clearer. I unfortunately don’t know all of you guys’ flickr accounts/ brickshelf accounts.

  3. eti

    Victorbart’s video is online. I don’t know if his is more interesting than mine, but he sure is a better filmer!

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