Gothic SHIP Ahoy

Giving a whole new meaning to “flying buttresses,” Awesome O’Saurus provides us with this stunning rendering of a Gothic-architecture inspired space battleship. After seeing dozens of space tankers and flying boxes with striping (which are cool, to be sure), this spaceship is a welcome new style. Already I want to go design my own space-worthy cathedral of doom.


7 comments on “Gothic SHIP Ahoy

  1. Chris Post author

    Haha, I was aware that this isn’t the first time a gothic-inspired spaceship has been made, but this is the first time recently (that link is 7 years old)*, and we’ve been awash in large spaceships. So yes, refreshing is new, even if not 100% original.

    *There have been a few others as well, but this one is probably the best in the style that I’ve seen.

  2. kevlarmonkey

    I love this model, but I had to mention Games workshops game line from 1999 Battlelfeet Gothic. Just google it.

  3. Mnemonyx

    Wow, time has really passed since the Gothica approached.

    This new SHIP nicely captures the contrasts inherent to the truly great gothic cathedrals: the grandness and intricacies, and the repetition and highlights. The similar styling of the spires and the cannons really works, I think.

    Once upon a time, humanity built cathedrals with spires which soared heavenward; but the whole of this SHIP similarly soars!

  4. Dan

    I guess I should complete the Galactic Inquisition SHIP project I’ve had on the back-burner for a decade, huh Chris?

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