Strandbeest inspired, post-apocalyptic LEGO by Jason Allemann

We’ve posted a couple of LEGO Strandbeest’s here before, but never one wearing clothes. Jason Allemann (True Dimensions) left his version (inspired by Chris Magno) in a box for six years until giving it a post-apocalyptic makeover and posting it yesterday (dated May, apparently). And of course one must watch the video. And to make it even cooler still, Jason has posted instructions for the frame.

EDIT (TG + AB): TR and I posted at exactly the same time, so I include my short description above and leave TR to the rest of the post

I have typed and re-typed this post a few times now, but apparently I am not feeling very eloquent today. So I’ll just keep this simple…flickr user True Dimensions has had this in the works for six years. I am glad he decided to pull it out of the box and dust it off, because it is thoroughly good.

Land Ship

It is just too bloody much fun watching this thing clatter across the floor.

He was also nice enough to offer instruction on how to build your own walking frame on his website.

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  1. Tromas Post author

    Haha, it would appear so. I see you are editing my post now…I trust you will improve my dimwitted writing buddy ;)

  2. gambort

    ^ Just added my blurb at the start and left your as is. I had a bit more info (eg. Jason’s name) and a link to our past Strandbeest’s.

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