Brickworld 2013 Wrap-Up

This past weekend was Brickworld 2013 in Schaumberg, Illinois, and Chris and I attended. I attended for the first time; it was fun being a “newbie” for once, despite this being my 11th LEGO convention. This was my first event outside of the Pacific Northwest! Though really, Chicago, the tornados were a bit much. Really. No need for that.

All weather and terrible airline travel aside, the event was a blast. This was the first year in the new location and by all accounts, it was a fabulous decision to move and improved the convention-going experience greatly. Unlike last year, all the creations this year were housed in the same MASSIVE space.

Over the next few days, pictures of some of the amazing creations will pop online. I want to highlight a few of my favorites:

Smaug by Sharon Vance

The Marquis, by Peter Mowry

Area 51 by Brian Williams

This was really fantastic. We’ve blogged the warehouse previously; now he’s added the shooting location for the Moon Landing, a Stargate, and a number of other fantastic references!

Product announcements

There were two bits of news which we already reported: the reveal of 10234 Sydney Opera House and announcing the Curiosity Rover.

For me, the value of any convention comes from the memories; I attend just as much, if not more, for the people as I do the brick. I saw people I haven’t seen in years, met new friends, and made enough memories and paper planes to last a lifetime. Or at least until BrickCon.

3 comments on “Brickworld 2013 Wrap-Up

  1. Syruss

    I’d also like to point out that, if I understood correctly, Sharon didn’t use a computer for that Smaug mosaic. I’m fairly certain they said it was all done the old fashioned way. That also won the “Castle” build contest, which I believe won every 2013 castle set. Again, I could be mistaken in my details. By the awards ceremony all the Lego was kind of running together.

  2. NeXT-Generation


    That is correct. The Smaug mosaic was built without the aid of a computer, and did win the LEGO castle contest. It was also nominated for best artwork IIRC, but Jeremy Moody won that with a huuuuge recreation of some painting. I don’t remember the name though. It had lots of people with hats and parasols by a lake.

  3. Syruss

    It was Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. And what was great about that mosaic was that it was dual layered. It was all 1×1 round plates, one layer on top of the other, with the second layer placed in between the studs of the layer below. If that made sense. It was a great effect, but it’s something I’d never be able to figure out how to replicate.

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