Warner Bros debuts The LEGO Movie trailer [News]

Warner Bros have released the first official trailer for the upcoming LEGO Movie. I guess they knew everyone would refer to it as “that LEGO movie” anyway, so they made life simpler for all of us by actually calling it that. Anyway, despite some initial trepidation about the quality of the film, the trailer heartens me. It’s usually a mess for old fans when a big company tries to break into a new market, but LEGO and Warner Bros seem to be hitting a lot of the right notes here. Aside from the terrific cast, the world looks well constructed, and there are lots of humorous nods to adult fans. I hope the final film will be as amusing. The film is tentatively slated for a February 2014 release.

9 comments on “Warner Bros debuts The LEGO Movie trailer [News]

  1. Takshi80

    I’m happy to see that a LEGO digital product seems to have pretty much everything in it built out of LEGO. In the TV shows and games, it’s often irritating to find that the majority of locations do not resemble LEGO.

  2. Creative Anarchy

    Ok, I was ready to be a dark cloud of doom on this until I saw the air filled with flying trans red rods. They obviously have some respect for the imagination and brickwork of Lego. Keeping an open mind.

  3. Brad

    This is pretty wonderful! The brick built sets and props are in line with what I’ve always wanted to see from such an endeavor. The little touches like green ninja’s smoke cloud being made out of ice cream pieces and the appearance of 1980s space guy especially made my day.

  4. 4estFeller

    Looks promising! Echoing the others, the brick-built everythings are awesome. The coloring on the bricks looks odd though.

  5. jimmythefly

    Holy crap, classic space man at 0:42 has a broken helmet “chin strap”.

    Awesome detail.

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