The Marquis

I should be writing a BrickWorld report, but frankly, this was so frickin’ awesome that I wanted to blog it first. I saw this beauty at BrickWorld, while everyone held their breath for display. Because this hangs precariously from a tripod of tubing. The effect is totally worth it.

Peter Mowry‘s Marquis stands 56 inches tall, and is simply a sight to behold. According to the backstory he’s given it, this vessel was designed to be part of a fleet geared toward colonization, and was supposed to carry people, machinery, and materials to wherever it needed to go.

Check out his flickr gallery for more ships to accompany the Marquis!

1 comment on “The Marquis

  1. si-mocs

    This was absolutely EPIC.
    And very well deserving of best Space Vessel award at Brickworld :)

    Well done Pete!

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