Starfighter Telephone Game

The Starfighter Telephone Game was started over two years ago and now for the first time a round has been completed. The game works just like the grade-school game from which it got it’s name. Someone starts off by building a starfighter and ships it to the next player, they keep it and build a new fighter inspired by the previous. Game carries on until the first player receives the final fighter.

With three rounds underway and dozens of builders spread across the globe, I think it is safe to say that the game is a success (even with a few delays and hiccups along the way).

Mark Stafford just posted the pictures of the final version of the starfighter for his team (which I was lucky enough to be a part of). All I have to say is that Mike Yoder is a lucky boy to end up with this thing.


Mark also did up a quick video showing the progression of the design from start to finish.

Here are links to each version from our round:
#1 by Yoder
#2 by me
#3 by Cole Blaq
#4 by Red Spacecat
#5 by Shamisenfred
#6 by Proudlove
#7 by Bart De Dobbelaer
#8 by Jake
#9 by Mark


Mike just did up this edit of the linear progression of each version. It is very cool just how much it changes from step to step.

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6 comments on “Starfighter Telephone Game

  1. Curtis

    Wow, 2 years! Obviously it doesn’t work entirely the same as the grade-school game, because photos are posted online for all to see the previous incarnation. Have you guys considered doing away with pictures until everyone is ready to reveal them? This way players only get to see the model directly before theirs… It’d make for a very interesting reveal at the end.

  2. Tromas Post author

    @ Curtis: Yeah, that had been discussed from time to time, but we have always opted for posting the models as they are done basically to keep the game interesting throughout. Since it is probably at least a year to complete a full round, the group would be pretty quiet for a looong time if we had to wait for everyone to finish before posting anything :)

  3. maedhros1980

    These telephone games have been one of the coolest things to watch unfold, very entertaining. I really like seeing how the contrasting styles (and differing parts selection) lead to the different iterations.

  4. yoderism

    I can’t believe my luck. The day my ship comes in will be a happy one indeed! Thanks TR for posting this, and thank you to all of the players!

  5. evolveORdie

    @yoderism: yeah, A Mark Stafford original. You can see the Chima influence in the gold tail.

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