I’ve been mind melded!

Seeing Rodney Bistline’s (Buster) Falcon-Hawk Strike Eagle was like seeing a snap shot of a starfighter that I have dreamt of building for ages. It is literally a carbon copy of a fighter I have pictured in my head countless times. The textural details, bright colour blocks, and 80’s sci-fi charm, makes for a quirky little fighter that just screams to be swooshed.

Falcon-Hawk Strike Eagle

Rodney explains that he took inspriration from iconic starfighters such as the X-Wing & Colonial Viper…I also see a little bit of FF-S3 Saberfish in there.

1 comment on “I’ve been mind melded!

  1. Eric at A Lego A Day

    This really is a cool model. For some reason, it makes me think of several different spaceships all blended into one: X-Wing, Colonial Viper, and the main ship from Battle of the Planets.

    Good stuff!

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