Big is beautiful but small is sexy

Ice Sat V MkII

For his LEGO models Pierre A. Fieschi dispenses with minifigs and builds small. But you’d never know it looking at the thumbnails for his models. In the last two weeks he’s posted 6 models and I recommend checking all of them out (and anything further back). This, dear readers, is how you build small.

EDIT: As Dan rightly points out there is indeed a minifig in the minifig scaled vehicle above. I am blind and wrong.

4 comments on “Big is beautiful but small is sexy

  1. bbot7

    “Ice Planet 3003”? Loving it! Especially the use of the (newer) dark blue.
    Why not? Let’s expand the Neo-Classic Space phenomenon to all the old Space themes, in my opinion. I’d love to see some updated/modernised Blacktron!

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