FBTB covers 2011 LEGO Star Wars & more from Toy Fair 2011 in NYC [News]

Though The Brothers Brick couldn’t make it to New York this year for Toy Fair, our friends over at FBTB attended both the press event and the full show, to bring everyone great pictures of new and upcoming LEGO sets.

A few quick highlights…

LEGO Star Wars returns to Episode I: The Phantom Menace with a number of new sets that refresh designs from 10 or more years ago, including podracers and Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator.

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Star Wars - 7962 Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers - 01

LEGO expands its Disney/Pixar line with a System-scale Cars theme.

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Cars - 8201 Classic Mater - 1

I’m personally most intrigued by the new Alien Conquest theme, which, if it’s anything like Agents or NinjaGo, has serious potential to be rather awesome. (Xenophobic blah blah blah. I’ll apologize on behalf of humanity when the little green men show up at my front door.)

LEGO Toy Fair 2011 - Alien Conquest - 7052 UFO Abduction - 1

Check out all of the different themes on FBTB.net.

5 comments on “FBTB covers 2011 LEGO Star Wars & more from Toy Fair 2011 in NYC [News]

  1. AwesomeTaylor

    Indeed! It has my head spinning with ideas on how to use those pieces for some exciting architecture on a new modular building!

    I also really like the Cars 2 truck! It inspires me to make a little old banger for my town :D

  2. Exstasis

    Mmm, yes, let the maniacal hand rubbing begin! Mwahahaha! It always feels slightly villainous to buy a kit purely for the parts, not sure why :D .

  3. Creative Anarchy

    I’m having a greeble-gasm for those Alien Conquest guns the humans have. I’m not fond of how they look as weapons but they’re going to look great on little robots or steam assemblies.

  4. Kaitimar

    As much as I dislike the xenophobic vibe of many recent LEGO themes, I do find the green invaders irresistible. I just might collect me an alien armada and go abducting, haha!
    But those thatched roof houses are the real gems. And printed horses! And goats! And chickens! Kingdoms is fast becoming my favorite theme.

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