Avatar Thanator beast built from Bionicle

I suspect I’m the last person on the planet who hasn’t seen Avatar yet (though I’ve never watched James Cameron’s Titanic either). Harvey Cu seems to have caught a showing of the latest epic, resulting in a rather nice Thanator beast:

LEGO Bionicle Avatar Thanator beast

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  1. Victor Zuylen

    I’ve yet to see Avatar and Titanic as well, so you’re not the last person on the planet. To be honest the Pocahontas-in-space vibe of the trailer didn’t do much for me, but this Thanator beast might just make me reconsider.

  2. Kaitimar

    Not bad!

    And Andrew, you must go see it! Treat your self and the missis. Just do yourself a favor and go for the full color 2D version. Looking through the green tinted 3D glasses almost ruined it for me, especially after watching the beautiful HD trailer on my computer.

  3. Foamrider

    The creatures in Avatar were amazing. And this does look like the Thanator for sure.

    I second Kaitimar on seeing it; despite a plot-line that left something to be desired, I really enjoyed it. I gotta say though, 3D was awesome.

  4. Puddleglum

    I admit the shots I’ve seen of Pandora look pretty fantastic, but is it worth seen just for the special effects, cinematography, and 3D? Because the plot sounds pretty thin. Greedy bloodthristy humans (except one!), benevolent aliens, and all that. Also, it sounds more like a space opera a la Star Wars than actual science fiction.

  5. cjedwards47

    I didn’t have any problems with the color, and after seeing how awesome it was in 3D, I wouldn’t want to see it in 2D! Different theaters probably have different glasses. I believe the one I saw used RealD-3D technology (or whatever it’s called).

    As for the plot, it’s fairly predictable, but I wouldn’t call it thin. Things had to be cut out just to get it down to 2.5 hours! The special effects aren’t used to fill time, they’re all used in service of the story. The romantic sub-plot is at least as big (as a percentage of the plot) as the conflict. And the humans are not so cut-and-dry. There are multiple humans who are sympathetic to the aliens, and the aliens are not completely benevolent.

    I have heard of people who didn’t like the movie (mostly from IMDB message boards), but I loved it, myself! I’m already researching 3D TVs, for when I can watch it at home.

  6. David4

    You need to see the movie in 3D! The green tint is so so sooooooo light that you can’t even tell. When things fall or explode you can feel the shock waves in 3D!

    Why waste you money on 2D when you can just rent or buy the 2D version of the movie and watch it on an HD TV. You need to go see Avatar in 3D right now!

    I hadn’t gone to a movie in 4 years because everyone talks, annoying kids, cell phones going off, but I’m probably going to see the movie again because the 3D is just that amazing.

    The story is lame, and has been done before but the 3D world is what makes the movie so amazing, watching it in 2D would be boring. You need the 3D to really get into the Avatar world and you do because the movie and the animal and plant life are so beautiful.

    Are you leaving for the theater yet? :-p

  7. Catsy

    I want to see it, and I will, but from everything I’ve seen and read the plot sounds like a bit of a rehash of Star Trek: Insurrection.

    The MOC is very cool. :)

  8. MiPod

    This is an awesome MOC! The only thing I have a problem with is the amount of antennae on the head. The Thanator has two sprouting from each of the lower side plates, three on each if the next ones up, and none on the top two.
    Other than that, it is perfect! :D

    I can’t believe you haven’t seen it, Andrew… I agree, the plot is a little thin. However, they are hopefully going to flesh it out in the sequels*.
    Anyway, that aside, you still have to see the second highest-grossing film of all time (so far)!

    MiPod 

    *Of course, sequels could be a good or bad thing…

  9. David4

    Catsy, the plot isn’t very original at all, it’s been done to death in sci-fi, and in movies and TV in general. However I never thought of Star Trek: Insurrection. The only thing similar between it and Avatar is the fact the humans want to move a group of “aliens” because the humans want something. But that dates back to the Native Americans and the Europeans hundreds of years ago, and once again isn’t new. Hell in that regard LOST is like Avatar, people want the island and what the other people to leave. lol

  10. David4

    There is no edit button…

    It is NOT the number 2 movie of all time. If I paid $6 to see it and many paid $15 then of course it will make more money than a movie from 70 years ago that cost 5 cents. The number one movie of all time is still Gone With The Wind.

  11. Kaitimar

    Lots of people are missing the point with Avatar. This isn’t about the originality of the story, the characters or the CG effects. I consider myself one of the most demanding movie viewers there are, and could spend weeks dissecting Avatar and naming all the references, homages and shameless ripoffs crammed in there, but I wont. Because, this one is all about the message.

    It is a story about human greed destroying everything in its path.

    It’s that simple.
    “There is no green on Earth. They have killed their mother, and they will do the same here”, says Jake at the tree of souls.
    We are killing our mother. Now, as you read this, the bulldozers are mowing town the forests, the oil pumps are turning, the fishing boats are emptying the seas and if the natives protest, the military is there to protect the corporate interest. Be that Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia or Iraq, Africa or Latin America, “The strong pray on the week, and nobody does a thing”.
    Even as we are cutting the very branch we all sit on.
    This film is a wake-up call, it is about Earth, not some alien planet.

    That is the message of Avatar, at least that’s how I see it.

    We are the all cogs in the corporate machinery, and it is therefore no wonder that we fail to see the mirror that Avatar places in front of us.

    So let’s just continue our discussion on what an unoriginal rehash it all is…

  12. Kaitimar

    OK, this turned out more bitter than I intended, but the TV is on and I am watching Italian police beating up the illegal African immigrants in Calabria.
    No relevance? I don’t think so.

  13. David4

    Actually the point of the movie to me is that James Cameron spent years trying to perfect a great 3D CGI world and he did that, it’s just a beautiful movie.

    The message is where it rip-offed 100 other movies to date, humans are bad and are destroying another world because we destroyed our own. That has been done 1,000 times over. What makes this movie stand out is the technology used to tell the story in a different way.

  14. Kaitimar

    I guess our grandchildren will be grateful that even though we burned the rain forests, we invented the technology to make beautiful CGI versions of the real thing!

  15. David4

    It’s a fraking movie, it isn’t Jesus Christ’s second coming. Why do you think it took so long to make? Because the 3D needed to be done, James Cameron could have easily made a movie with the same topic that “humans destroying the Earth” is bad… oh…. oh wait… he did! It’s called “The Abyss”.

    The message you think this movie will be remembered for is what makes the movie less than what it could have been, because it’s a rehash of “humans are bad to the planets”. So what makes this movie so much special than the hundreds before it with the same message? The 3D effects!

  16. Xiphos Systems

    There’s a difference between having an unoriginal story and having a bad story. Avatar’s plot may play out like Dances with Wolves in space, but that doesn’t mean it’s told poorly. In fact, I think Cameron did an excellent job with this story. I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie get pounded so hard by critics simply because it’s plot wasn’t totally original.

    On the subject of the model, though, it’s an awesome recreation. This is exactly the kind of thing Bionicle was meant for.

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