Patrolling the skies in the Arcadian Gunship

Jon Hall‘s Arcadian Gunship is a fine creation that nicely integrates various curved pieces (such as these used for the cockpit) to create the seamless shape of a ski-fi aircraft. Even the landing gear is included.

3 comments on “Patrolling the skies in the Arcadian Gunship

  1. scandell

    People are killing themselves over this cockpit….but it’s totally already been invented by somebody at Lego…in set 5974. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE this MOC. It’s beautiful!

  2. motian

    The first really awesome use of that part that I can remember was by nnenn. I couldn’t even find it on nnenn’s flickr group. The only record I could uncover was back on his brickshelf page. Even after all this time, this particular model still is recognizable and unique.

    That said, John Hall’s use of the part as a cockpit is totally way awesome.

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