Danish snowstorm inspires minifig snowman

Bjarne Tveskov and his family took advantage of the recent snowstorm in Denmark to build a lovely snowman:

LEGO minifig snowman

(And don’t forget the British snowman minifig from last February.)

4 comments on “Danish snowstorm inspires minifig snowman

  1. The_Doughboy

    The circle is now complete. There are now LEGO men made out of snow and snowmen made out of LEGOs. Perhaps we could get some LEGO snowmen made out of snow next? Or maybe some snow minifigs made out of LEGOs? I think that would be pretty awesome, but maybe that’s just me…

  2. Creative Anarchy

    I need to try doing this next time we get a good snow in. Have to try doing a space snow-miniman.

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