RT @OchreJelly “@Fredoichi made an amazing shift from super-sharp mecha to adorable cwute animals, in this case, the accursed Twitter Bird…”

LEGO Ollie the Twitter Bird

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  1. Andrew Post author

    ^ Yeah, I know, but I wanted my post text to be in the format of a retweet, and it’s even exactly 140 characters, so I didn’t add those additional details. ;-)

  2. Catsy

    See, I’m old. When I see #lego, my immediate thought is, “there’s an IRC channel?” Immediately followed by, “of course there is.”

    The MOC is great. The feet are inspired parts usage.

  3. Josh C.

    Ahh, glad to hear. I didn’t bother checking the exact number of characters, but that’s pretty snazzy. 10 internet points.

    And IRC? I love IRC… where would the Lego channel be hosted?

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