Mark forms the chest and the head

As well as all the other parts of Voltron. I always loved Voltron when I was a kid, and Mark Sandlin‘s rendition using a TeknoMeka frame is a fantastic representation. This model looks great, even if the show hasn’t stood up to the test of time.

Mark Sandlin's LEGO Voltron

And yes, this Voltron does divide up into the individual lions.

5 comments on “Mark forms the chest and the head

  1. notenoughbricks

    Absolutely stunning! Fantastic!
    This is one MOC that probably never gets dismantled for parts!

    Where’s Lotor in this picture? Oh yeah, he ran away because he didn’t want anyone noticing he wet his pants!

  2. Creative Anarchy

    this is just stellar. I’m not a Voltron fan but the robot is iconic and he captured it amazingly in brick. I’m also impressed at how functional and detailed the model is.

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