The Brothers Brick now has a Sister!

LEGO Sigfig Caylin
It is my pleasure and honor to introduce the latest addition to The Brothers Brick family, Caylin Feiring! Caylin is, and has been, a pillar of the Lego fan community for many years. She is a long term member and moderator at Classic Castle. She’s very active in her local area LEGO Users Group, Sealug, and has become a vital part of BrickCon, where she is known as the “Prize Goddess”. She’s also very active on a plethora of other fan sites. You may know her by the username “Plums Deify”.

Caylin is very articulate, has a great eye for excellent LEGO creations, possesses an evil sense of humor, and has a unique perspective on the LEGO fan community. I greatly look forward to having her as a contributor here on TBB. She is a good friend, a great member of the fan community, and I believe she will make an awesome addition to TBB.

Welcome Caylin!

17 comments on “The Brothers Brick now has a Sister!

  1. Aliencat

    Hey welcome Caylin!
    Good to see another familiar name in the Brothers Brick team, and I can’t wait to meet you at BrickCon this year.
    Keep on bloggin’ :D

  2. DavixM

    Welcome Caylin, I hope this will expand the blog’s views greatly, and provide more balanced blogging.

  3. The Ranger of Awesomeness

    Yay! Congrats, Caylin! I, for one, am glad that there will be a feminine touch on the blog.

  4. munky460

    What happened to TIMMAY? Just kidding, congrats Caylin, its great to see more people for even more diversity on the blog!

  5. Caylin

    Thank you!

    I’m quite sure I’ll provide no small amount of entertainment for my brothers. That’s the purpose of a little sister, you know. ;-)

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