The colors, they make me happy

Though we’ve featured creations inspired by Crimso Giger before, we shockingly haven’t actually featured any of his creations. He recently started uploading new pictures and the improved photo quality is just making the colorful creativity pop. Below is the BLX-570, which he built almost 2 years ago.

Crimso Giger BLX-570

I’ve seen a lot of great space stuff, but at the moment, these are my favorite. He has vehicles representing a variety of styles, cultures and factions, for a cool expanded universe. Though I found him on Flickr, (’cause that’s how I roll), it’s definitely worth checking out his MOCpage as well.

3 comments on “The colors, they make me happy

  1. Garth D

    Yay, Crimso! I sure like his creations. His work always has a great sense of play and I too like the colors. And he’s always such a nice guy on MOCpages. garth

  2. Artahn

    I honestly thought that this was a Toy Story set Lego had to hide because it was going to debut in the third movie…

    …but I don’t think Lego would make something this awesome.

    I wish Lego made something this awesome.

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