8 comments on “Ball of Fire!

  1. Melfice

    “But they are the only item of note.”
    Shouldn’t that be “But they areN’T the only item of note”?

  2. Melfice

    Argh, retard! I clicked submit before I was finished.

    Anyway, the ship does look very striking.
    It reminds me of something, but I honestly can’t remember what exactly…

  3. Josh Post author

    @Melfice – You must have read this post right after I posted it. I saw that typo right after posting and fixed it. Thanks!

  4. Melfice

    @ Josh: Hah, I DID post right after you made the entry.
    I figured it’d been up there for a while already.
    My bad, dood.

  5. Bunbrick

    Man, what monster-engines! If i was flying that thing, i’d be looking left and right the whole time, wondering when they were gonna break off and each twirl off in a different direction, leaving me somewhat stranded and likely somewhat burn-victimized too. :-(

    Alternatively, i’d just curl up in the back of the cockpit and put my hopes on the auto-pilot giving me a soft enough landing…

  6. Creative Anarchy

    I’m a sucker for the combination of big curved areas and contrasting tight little greebles. It’s just how I envision Sci Fi spacecraft to look. The red is also really nice, great contrast, swallows the little studs and uneven curves. I really dig this.

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