Micro Space Roundup

There is one type of space building that has eluded me, it is micro-scale. I’m frequently impressed by the ability of builders to put parts to use representing larger structures and details. This compression of scale can produce very interesting results. I’ve gathered a few interesting recently posted micro space creations below.

First is the hangar scene above, by Peter Reid. He’s built some really interesting structures here, like the gantry on the right side. Although it’s something simple, I also really enjoy the small treaded vehicles.

Next is this cool micro scale battle by Andrew Lee. Andrew has done an absolutely fantastic job creating damaged areas on the top of the big ship under attack from Neo Blacktron forces. I also love the escape pods being ejected from the ship, they add a great sense of life and action.

Carter Baldwin built The Montero, a ship inspired by the Sulaco from Halo Aliens. Carter has made great use of the seams in between parts to give a purposeful paneled look.

4 comments on “Micro Space Roundup

  1. stephendsdude

    All of these are epic creations, but I especially love the first one. The microscale hangar looks like it could really happen. Those blast doors are also really kewl, as they look like they could fit together (most creations with blast doors don’t look like that).

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