Rocko’s Waterfall House is a splash of colors

We’re used to seeing castle creations in gray and earth tones, but Rocko‘s latest creation goes beyond that and adds in more exotic colors such as sand green, gold for the windows, and even a dark tan rope bridge for an all around beautiful and vivid scene.

13 comments on “Rocko’s Waterfall House is a splash of colors

  1. MV

    I don’t know anything about a Rocko being awesome or not, but this MoC is breathtaking. Great landscaping features.

  2. TooMuchCaffeine

    Burn the heretic. All hail the awesomeness of Rocko.

    This MOC is just magic. The boiling foam and water effects at the bottom of the waterfall are brilliant, but my favourite stuff are the little touches like the tools under the stairs and the cat and dog facing off.

    Excellent work.

  3. Brickapolis


    Okay, okay. I’ll take that comment back.

    Sorry Rocko

    It is awesome, and every time you touch ABS; the result is awesome.

  4. original


    …and the color… of that building…
    Sand-green from the green grocer?
    Nice result!

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