Following the announcements and openings of several new LEGO stores around North American and Europe over the last couple months, quite a few people have posted pictures or blogged about the opening ceremonies. Among the crowd of photographers, Allen Kuo (photoKuo), did an exceptionally good job of capturing the bustle and color of a Build Event at the LEGO store at Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, Texas, on June 12-14. [Edit: I originally called the event a store opening, which was a mistake on my part.)

photoKuo Pirate Build

What really makes the whole series exciting is the variety of things he catches Master Model Builder Dan Steininger doing to entertain the crowd. Check out the rest of Allen’s Pirate Build Event photoset for a feel for the whole shindig.

6 comments on “Charismachine

  1. Puddleglum

    FWIW that was just a build event, not a store opening. The Baybrook store has been open for over a year now. Definitely great pictures of the event, though!

  2. Melfice

    There were Stores opened in Europe recently?
    I’ll admit I must be out of the loop then.
    Where, exactly?

  3. Legotaku

    This guy was a jerk to my wife and I when we were at the opening of the Lego store in Sacramento, CA. I was really exicted to meet the guy! Just a slight let down..

  4. Thanel Post author

    @ Puddlegum: Thanks. I’ll fix it.

    @ Melfice: A store is opening in Frankfurt in late July/early August.

  5. Kuotient

    Thanks for the feature! =] I was curious as to why that photo suddenly got Favorited twice in a day and got so many hits!

    I actually am an employee at that retail location, and got to work the event on the last day! I took photos from our Yoda event last summer too.

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