LEGO Star Wars 10195 Republic Dropship, Home One, LEGO + Pixar, and more revealed at Toy Fair 2009 [News]

LEGO TauntaunThe Brothers Brick got an invite to the LEGO Preview at Toy Fair 2009, but we just couldn’t make it. :-( The good news is that our pals from FBTB and BrickJournal are covering this important event.

Although we’ve seen quite a few of the late 2009 LEGO sets from the earlier Canadian toy fair, there are still some surprises in store for LEGO fans.

The big news — particularly among LEGO Star Wars fans — seems to be the announcement of 10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker, here being shown off by Erik Varzegi:

Other major LEGO Star Wars news includes a playset of Admiral Ackbar’s Home One (the result of fan voting back in May 2008), with these minifigs:

Personally, I’m most excited about the new Space Police sets, including 5971 Gold Heist:

In other news, LEGO and Disney have announced a deal to release LEGO sets based on three Disney movies: Toy Story, Cars, and Prince of Persia. (What, no LEGO Wall-E?)

Check out more photos from Ace Kim, Mike Crowley, and Joe Meno.

There are a lot of photos to go through, so let us know if you see something particularly cool we should highlight.

24 comments on “LEGO Star Wars 10195 Republic Dropship, Home One, LEGO + Pixar, and more revealed at Toy Fair 2009 [News]

  1. Kaitimar

    I’ll spend so much on LEGO this year, my wife is gonna leave me. No, she’ll kill me first, and then leave me.

  2. WetWired

    Yeah I hope they do more than just these 3 movies, Wall-E, Monsters Inc LEGO? Can’t wait.

    This will also open the door to more LEGO franchised video games.

    LEGO Prince of Persia The Videogame based on the movie which in turn was based on the video game? I think my head just exploded.

  3. David4

    No, she will leave you, take your LEGOs, sell them on eBay, and then that will make you want to die. :)

  4. Nathan Wells

    Prince of Persia, wha…?

    AWESOME news about LEGO Pixar. Two things I am a fanboy about coming together as one. I hope they branch out into the rest of the Pixar films.

  5. Nathan Wells

    As a follow up, it looks like Toy Story will both be Duplo and LEGO, while Cars is only Duplo.

    As for Prince of Persia (not a Pixar film, but a Disney film). It will be a LEGO line…based upon a movie…based upon a video game. Ooh boy.

  6. Marc Nelson Jr.

    Do all the Space Police sets involve human police officers hunting down non-human bad guys? I guess the only good bug is a dead bug, eh?

  7. rybuger1

    LEGO Pixar, it dosen`t get much better than that, even though I`m kinda dissapointed about the lack of a Wall-e license. I`m hoping for some system Cars sets.

  8. Ramone

    So given the economic crisis, do you think it would be out of the question to ask my bank for a loan for LEGO sets?

  9. the enigma that is badger

    At one point last year, I was told, “2008 has been great, but 2009 will be even better.”

    This promise had been fulfilled!

    Great sets for both the core audience and AFOLs and fascinating new directions (Disney license in particular). All hail a new TLG golden age!

    “do you think it would be out of the question to ask my bank for a loan for LEGO sets?”

    It strikes me as economic stimulus! ;)

  10. Brad

    ASM has lots of pictures of LEGO here:

    Looks like there is some really neat stuff coming down the line for 2009. Loads of nifty new minifig parts: I lost track of new faces, headgear, and torsos. I’m not a big minifig collector, but it is hard to not be excited. There was at least one new cockpit–a egg dome in one of the Agents sets. I’m sure there are other pieces I have yet to notice, too.

    There were also a couple of neat nostalgia notes. There is a minifig in one of the Agents sets with a classic space torso and the largest Space Police set includes a statue of a classic space figure, although the torso is stickered.

    All in all, I can’t express how excited I am for the coming year.

  11. notenoughbricks

    After attending Toy Fair yesterday, I am even more pumped up for CITY ’09! The City sets look absolutely awesome!

    I did inquire about 2 things that were not present at the LEGO Booth:
    1-When were the new powerfunctions trains coming out?
    2-When is the 3rd building in the Cafe Corner standard coming out?

    The answer I received to both questions was “I don’t know.”
    Either these products are not for retailers other than LEGO so the people I asked didn’t need to know these things or they didn’t want to share this info just yet or they really didn’t know.

  12. TooMuchCaffeine

    I think the Prince of Persia stuff could be pretty cool. Hopefully we get some new weapons, headgear and torsos. Should be some nice architecture as well – could come in useful for Indy builds.

    Toy Story is a funny one. Woody and Buzz figs will be interesting, however I can’t see other toy co’s licensing LEGO versions of their stuff so the range might be quite limited. Fairly sure we ain’t getting a LEGO Mr PotatoHead for example.

  13. Andrew Post author

    ^ That’s an excellent point about Toy Story. Of all the Disney/Pixar films to choose from, Toy Story would seem to limit LEGO the most. Ironically, LEGO bricks weren’t even part of Toy Story!

  14. cirquecody516

    the dropship with the at-ot is said to be 245 which it should only be fromm $100-$150 the pice went down for the endor and hoth edor is 99 from i think 130 and the hoth was 30 noe 24 so alittle better but cant wait for the dropship W/ at-ot hoth endoe and also the tank droid which is 24 same as hoth. oh the one w/ackbar looks only good for the minifigs just putting that out there please respond i want to hear feed back

  15. Andrew Post author

    ^ Indeed.

    @cirquecody516: Please consider using correct capitalization and complete sentences in future comments or we’ll be forced to assume you’re not actually 13 years old (and therefore in violation of the terms of service).

  16. ColourSchemer

    My wife asked me “Why are they doing LEGO sets for such old movies?” Not being one to leave a rhetorical question unanswered, I did some research and came up with web-news of a Disney press release stating that a Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 movies were both in the works.

    I find it especially interesting that LEGO wrested the DUPLO ‘CARS’ licensing away from Megablok, who had it for the first ‘CARS’ movie.


  17. Thanel

    LEGO Mon Calamari!?!? Coolest Star Wars minifig to date! Ackbar even looks appropriately moist and glisteny.

  18. TooMuchCaffeine

    I read somewhere (sorry – no backup for this other than memory) that Toy Story 3 was coming in Summer 2010 and would be in 3D. Further, in the run-up to release, 3D versions of Toy Story 1 & 2 would get a cinema release.

  19. Octopunk

    What I really hope is that they get the Incredibles sequel cooking so they can stretch the Disney sets to that franchise. Lego Omni-droid? Lego Syndrome henchman spinners? Phat beyond phat.

    Not that there isn’t a year’s worth of stuff they’re throwing at us here. While I’m goggling over the Space Police sets, the Tauntaun, and the Mon Calamari heads (plus the fact that for once the fan choice was the one I voted for), I’m mostly tickled by this:

    They made a General Madine minifig! Hahahahaha! That’s a riot. He was one of the first ROTJ figs to come out in the 80’s and dozens of him were still hanging on pegs years later. And there’s a good reason for that: the character is boring, boring, boring.

    Not really an issue for Lego, which possesses the power to redeem the iffier parts of the SW universe, but that made me laugh.

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