2009 LEGO City sets include a farm with cows [News]

Castle fans aching for 10193 Medieval Market Village aren’t the only LEGO fans who will be getting more civilian sets (and cows!) in 2009.

7637 has two cows, along with a big tractor, small tractor, and barn:

7635 includes a six-wide SUV with trailer and a brown horse:

8401 appears to be the first minifig and accessory pack for Town/City in many years:

See more (including all the new construction sets) on Eurobricks, Brickset, Brickshelf, or Flickr.

20 comments on “2009 LEGO City sets include a farm with cows [News]

  1. Brian Schlosser, Lurker

    Is that a red version of the Cement Mixer, uh, cement mixer in the farm serving as a water tower?

  2. David

    LEGO used to have a 1×3 brick that has a CD player printed on it. That was most likely discontinued and replaced with this cheaper… thing. :)

    And the price is only 8 Euros, which seems really low considering the insane prices for the Impulse sets.

  3. hewkii9

    Please say that the horse trailer has the new Obi-Wan hair in it, because that’s what it looks like.

  4. Jargon

    Is it just me, or is the printing on the brown horse’s head modified?
    It seems to me that the harness is new.

  5. wes

    the minifig and accessory pack looks okay I guess, although I saw a better traffic light on mocpages yesterday.

  6. The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith

    A CD player? That might make it appropriate for the 1990s.

    But best I can tell, the LEGO designers are intentionally setting this City set in the 1980s. That’s probably the last time I saw a woman wearing a flower print t-shirt like that, or a business guy with a black vest, white shirt, and no jacket.

    And that’s fine with me.

    I just wished they’d make a new “bad 80s perm” hair piece and maybe new leg pieces with leg warmers.

    Teach kids what the 80s were really like.

  7. bmwlego

    City is my favorite theme (other than the newer Modular Town CC theme) and this upcoming crop of sets is exciting because we have never had a Farm theme. The cows look cute and I am always excited to get a new Town Minifig (farmer in green overalls).

    The Town accessory pack reminds me of the minifig packs my dad bought me as a kid growing up in (yes Rev. BPS) the 80’s! I hope LEGO continues with this type of set for years to come and that they expand it to other themes so you can add a few Castle minifigs to your collection without buying a lot of Castle sets. The vehicles in this theme are well done and I will be buying the tractor and the black suv/horse trailer when they arrive.

    For those of you tha tare saying 2009 is going to be an expensive year for LEGO, isn’t that true about every year? Come on, even if you don’t like the new “crop” of Farm set, you know you are going to buy some of them because they have a piece/minifig/animal in them. Who doesn’t buy sets from themes they don’t truly collect because of this or because they are on sale/clearance?

    The 1 set that I want to know about is the 3rd Modular Town Cafe Corner styled building. The designer for the CC and GG stated in an interview in Brickjournal that he originally planned to create 3 buildings for this theme and we have only seen 2 (Market Street was designed by a fan so that is from a different theme -Factory).
    Does anyone have any news about this? Will there even be a CC styled set in ’09?

  8. lizzy

    i wonder how much the horse trailer/suv is id like to buy it

    i made my own purple four wheel drive with my own horse trailer and i can tell u now its a ti between the trailers

    i already have a horse with the black reinghs at home from one of the castel sets

    all together at home we have over $1000 000 worth of lego

  9. lizzy

    hay this site missed out the new lego castel set {market place} for 2009 it has brown cows and dont the duplo ones look like the new cows?

    other wis eits all cool

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