2009 LEGO Star Wars box art [News]

UPDATE: Full coverage of 2009 LEGO Star Wars sets is now available from Toy Fair 2009.


I can’t wait for the upcoming 2009 LEGO Star Wars sets after seeing these pictures. Indeed, just like in the other recent years, Star Wars LEGO keeps going strong with new releases of vehicles and minifigs. See more on Brickshelf.

7511 Ahsoka’s Starfighter and Vulture Droid looks like a great set with an all new R7-A7 astromech droid and the re-release of buzz droids:

Clone army builders are already licking their lips for 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack:

The redesigned 8018 ATT features an all new Yoda minifig with printed features:

The 8019 Republic Attack Shuttle drops in with what looks to be a highly playable model with an all new Mace Windu minifig:

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  1. Exxos

    I don’t know… The newer star wars sets – most lego sets in general, are looking a little underdeveloped for the coming releases. Plus there are not enough parts for the money and the quality control is a bit off (I got a mars mission set from a friend recently, and half the white pieces were warped and discolored, and when I bought the DS2 back before the economy tanked, it was missing 73 pieces). Though I suspect the economy and the depletion of oil reserves to be responsible for the low parts to money value, I still feel that lego is delivering somewhat less stellar products as of late compared to what they were releasing even as recently as first quarter of this year. Excluding the VW beetle and the Taj Mahal, it seems like the designers are not giving as much thoroughness as they have been.

  2. strider_mt2k

    I have to agree with Andrew on the designs.

    Perhaps the Lego folks should have a chat with some of the artists who’s fine work is featured here!

    I have to say that I’ve never gotten a Lego set that was missing parts.
    Always the usual gaggle of extra ones. :)

  3. David

    I bought a set from TRU once missing a bag of parts, just email LEGO and they will send you them for free. If a part is messed up, broken whatever they will send you a replacement for free.

    These Star Wars sets are outrageously priced. There are pictures with the Euro pricing and the ATT which once was $20 is now $50!

  4. Dr. X

    I have to agree with Exxos. Since I’ve already got a more-than-enormous collection, mostly made up of old pieces, I haven’t felt the need to buy any of the 08 Star Wars sets. And what’s funny is.. at my local TRU, they charge extra for Legos! I’m serious. For a 20 dollar (official price on Lego.com) set, TRU charges 22.99; for a 30 dollar set, 33.99! I personally find this absolutely ridiculous. You could get them at Target for MSRP, and TRU charges a couple bucks extra for who-knows what reason.

    I sure do like Legos, but of late they seem to have been raising prices and making worse sets. I sure am glad I was born before 2000.

  5. David

    LEGO hasn’t risen their prices in 30 years, it’s still pretty much the same price now as it was in the 70s, just a tiny bit more. Considering the cost of oil, and everything has increased 10 fold the price of LEGO stays steady (for the most part).

  6. Wes

    I’ve got to disagree on the price hike. Take 6984 – Galactic Mediator from the Space Police II line. 395 pieces, 3 minifigs, and a retail price of $60. This was a favorite set from my childhood. Now look at a recent space release, like the 7644 – Hypersonic Operations Aircraft from the Mars Mission line. This set has 795 pieces, 5 minifigures, and retails for just $20 more. Double the pieces, nearly double the minifigures, yet only $20 more in price. Adjusting the price on the Galactic Mediator (being sold 16 years ago) to reflect inflation would show the inflated cost of it being more than the Mars Mission set (over $85). In my opinion, you get more pieces and minifigures for your money now than you ever did. As for the quality control, I’ve not had a problem. I’ve purchased roughly 50-60 sets this year and only encountered one that was missing pieces (2) and LEGO replaced the parts for free without any hassle.

  7. Peter

    There did seem to be a quality issue with some parts (especially white ones, that I noticed) from 07 and 08. But those pieces seem to have been flushed out of the system. The sets I’ve purchased recently have excellent clutch power and the colors seem to be getting better.

  8. Termitater

    I saw on a very reliable youtube video that the prices for these sets are:
    Hyena Droid Bomber-$30.00(its a lot bigger than it looks)
    Assassin Droid Battle Pack-$10.00
    Clone Walker Battle Pack-$10.00
    Ahsoka’s Starfighter and Vulture Droid-$30.00
    Republic Attack Shuttle-$50.00
    Also coming in January is the lego Star Wars tenth anniversary set, The Darth Vader TIE Fighter-50.00

  9. David

    Those prices seem odd.

    The Vador TIE is $38 Euros which would be $40-$50, the AAT is listed at 50 Euro.

    Either way Star Wars sets are rightfully overpriced. I love the dark red and dark blue, LEGO needs to make more of those colors. :)

  10. SpyFlops

    I am SO getting Ahsoka’s SF(Buzz Droids!), and that new Yoda figure looking better by the minute.
    As for the price remarks, REMEMBER: It’s NOT the size, it’s the piece count. I learned that from summer ’08 Star Wars sets. The prices really are reasonable.


  11. Leigh Holcombe

    The prices might be fair, but the content is deja vu. I already happen to own a Jedi Starfighter, a Vulture Droid, and an AAT. The designs are a little better, but not by so much that it justifies buying the same sets all over again.

  12. Groovybones

    Anybody else notice the new SBD arms?
    there the cannon type like in republic commando video game or some episodes
    looks SHAWEET!

  13. Reedbird8

    I’ve noticed that the typical price for LEGO Star Wars kits is roughly $10 for each 100 pieces, give or take….sometimes an excess of minifigures will raise the price a little…but it seems to be pretty standard over the past couple years of $10 for 100 pieces

  14. Morpheus

    Lego is about 50% cheaper in the USA –

    In Denmark the Rogue Shadow costs 650 DKK (about 110USD)
    but in USA it costs 50USD!!

    YOU ARE LUCKY!!!!!!!!

  15. total disaster

    I love LEGO StarWars, expecialy the V19 Torrent and ashoka’s starfighter. Who knows when the new series are for sale?
    Tell me, plz… Well greetings from America

  16. Michael

    On brickipedia, it says the clone walker set is $14.99;the assasin droids set is $14.99;the hyena bomber set is $29.99;the aat set is $59.99; and the republic attack shuttle is $79.99.Incredibly high prices

  17. The Brain

    Well, to earlier comments, the reason that prices are so much higher at TRU compared to Target or other retailers is that TRU is having a terrible time with its own economy, aside from these recents national issues, and has been on the verge of bankruptcy for years. They need every cent they can get, and they know that people like me are sometimes too lazy to go elsewhere (the nearest TRU is really close, unlike other toy stores) and will pay the extra 5 bucks or so.

    I only have one thing to say about the new sets–bring back chrome hilts for the lightsabers!!! (And yellow-non flesh faces, they don’t match the old LEGO ones is why). But chrome hilts are amazing, bring ’em back!!!


    I like the 2009 sets. The prices seem a bit high in this troubling economoy, but if the majority is buying it’s not going to change. Lego should make packs that just sell the Star Wars minifigs, even if it’s for a limited time. I just want to build my army!

  19. legos rule

    That would be kind of cool. Building your army. I also love to make modifacations I added more troop seats in the AT-TE and added a troop carrier in the back of one of my other walker. I want the attack shuttle COOL! And also the new AAT the SBD launchers on the Super Battle droids are Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. martijn

    i gonna buy this awsome things in 2009!!
    i live in the netherlands and i am 11.
    i also love the clone walker and the aat with yoda
    and that awsome shuttle with mace windu!!!!

  21. john

    Asoka’s starfighter is weak. It needs more color, and why make another vulture droud?! I already have like 3 of them! It could be a combo of anakin’s jedi starfighter and asoka’s with a some new sepratist ships. To add another thing, the aat is the set i will buy first along with 3 packs of the clone walkers! The AAT has a reasonable amount of figures, and If you look closely, The Super Battle Droids have rocket launchers on their left arms! Yoda is awesome too, and I hope the lightsabers have changed to shiny silver again. LEGO NEEDS TO MAKE A LEGO SET WITH COUNT DOOKU!!!!!! HIS HEAD WILL LOOK WEIRD I BET JUST LIKE ON THE T.V. SHOW BUT THEY NEED TO MAKE A SET WITH HIM IN IT.

  22. martijn

    hi john,
    i had look at youtube and i have seen a lego count dooku solar station!!! IT HAS COUNT DOOKU WITH TWO BODYGUARDS AND A DROID!!! AND IT IS A LIMETED EDITION!!!!!!! look at youtube


    There will be a Count Dooku? I checked youtube and couldn’t find any specifically showing a set. Link me please!

  24. john

    (thanks guys for helping me with the hunt for count dooku! i apreciate it) =) OK GUYS THESE ARE THE OFFICIAL LEGO SET PRICES FOR THE 2009 CLONE WARS SETS IN THE USA!!!!!

    CLONE WALKER BATTLE PACK: $10.00-$12.00
    AAT: $40.00
    Hyena Droid Bomber: $20.00
    Republic Attack Shuttle: $50.00
    Ahsoka’s Starfighter: Unknown

  25. martijn

    oke with a tip= IN THE SUMMER THEN COME THE AWSOME,S SETS OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT YOU MUST WAIT TO SEE THEM!!! ITS REALY!!!!!

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  27. Robert

    bring back the old sets like the old star fighters mos eisly cantina sail barge plus many more the new ones are weird
    i had the barge and many other sets from the very early 2000s but they got destroyed so please bring them back the are way over priced online

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