2009 LEGO Pirates box art [News]

UPDATE: The 2009 LEGO Pirates sets are now available from the LEGO Shop.

Possibly the most highly anticipated theme of 2009, LEGO Pirates has now shown us the booty. Check out some of the highlights below and head over to Eurobricks for more images.

6242 promises to be an instant classic:

The impulse sets will appeal to those army builders out there:

6243 will satisfy your craving for that brand new pirate ship that you’ve been wanting since the late 90’s.

15 comments on “2009 LEGO Pirates box art [News]

  1. Joel

    The thing that I found interesting was the fact that shooting cannons feature prominently in a few of the pictures…

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  3. Morgan19

    Damn, the skulls on the sails are back! =\ Yuck yuck yuck.

    Besides that, everything (and I mean everything) looks fan-freaking-tastic.

  4. Steven

    Yeah skulls on the sails are a very disturbing, otherwise you could use the ship as an imperial ship too. And by the way, why didn’t they use the old skull pattern on the flags? The new one just look stupid.

  5. Andrew

    Dude, guys. I already have all the pirate sets, exept for the ship dor 2009. The imperial minifigs are AWSOME!! Especially te captain. The cannons do shoot the cannonballs and the minifigs are double- sided. Any questions, exept for where I got it, and all that kinds of stuff like the other 2009 sets( which I seen and know :D) post it here and I will tell you ( well, usually, if I can go here and have the time) and I will answer it.

  6. john

    Yes… I can finally get a Pirate Ship! These sets are awesome. The pirate ship has alot of things added 2 it! I cant wait to own it! I need those cannons, monkey, and minifigs! LEGO U RULE!!!!!!!! Now if only we could get those power miners sets to have a better color scheme…

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