2009 LEGO Power Miners box art [News]

UPDATE: The brand-new 2009 LEGO Power Miners sets are now available from the LEGO Shop online.

It’s a news bonanza today! Next up, the first high-resolution photos of LEGO Power Miners.

My favorite is the as-yet-unnamed 8961:

This image of 8960 shows off the new minifigs, rock monster, and dynamite:

Smalls sets are always nice for figs, like 8956:

See more on Eurobricks, Brickset, Brickshelf, or Flickr.

18 comments on “2009 LEGO Power Miners box art [News]

  1. SpyFlops

    Hmmm… it would appear that the rock monster’s legs won’t move…
    Oh well.
    Is that multicolored DROOL coming from their mouths? Disgusting!*



    Amen, David!

  2. Kit

    I want the bike set!
    But why did they give the rock monsters names?
    They are better without.
    Oh and that dynamite looks awesome.

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  4. King Cupcake

    I might just get the sets for the pieces, except maybe the drill one :\
    those new blue crystals will be so fun :3

  5. Laurence

    Hmm…. Kinda like the old rock raider sets, but not as cool. I honestly prefered the old sets because the were much cooler and… well not so brightly coloured. I mean, orange and green justdoesn’t go together, and the rock monsters look rather stupid. But yes, blue rock raider helmets would be awsome!

    P.S. The dynamite looks cool too!

  6. legos rule

    pretty cool. I have the rock raiders game for the computer. Maybe they should make a game like this. The dynamite looks awsome. :)

    P.S. How do you play rock rocket? ( on lego.com)


    If I bought any of these sets, it would be 8960. The drill is awesome, good minfigures and orange rock monster. I hate the color scheme. I wish they were black and brown and gray. I guess they are Lime Green because they are supposed to be more attractive to kids to what I have heard. The piece count it ridiculous! For example: 8961 (Far Top) It only has like 461 pieces I think. It kind of looks like a price around $60.00-80.00. Just Imagine the other piece counts on the other sets! The power miner helmets are blue?! What the heck? Should have made them lime green. The Rock Monsters Are about the size of a regular minifig. Just look at the side of the boxes! (I think smaller) Lets find out for ourselves! But I seriously wouldn’t go buy them. Only like one just to have a few minifigs and a rock monster just because they are interesting and cool minifigs.

  8. john

    I think the pieces are cool I think 8960 is the coolest! These are complete knockoffs of Rock Raiders! (Lego has done knockoffs lately including pirates and star wars but somehow they are making them better…) Anyway, what jimmythe] said, the rock a pult thing is silly! They should make a better weapon for the monsters than a dumb catapult!

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  10. B Man

    i dont know there pretty good but id rather have that really big lego starwars melenium falcon.iwish the rock monsters feet could move and they could have crystal swords,but some of yo’ll care about all that stupid croud like the colors!

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