Langeoog Island

Langeoog Island overview

Every so often I’m absolutely dumbfounded by a LEGO model. In this particular case German builders Andreas and Kai Böker do it by presenting what I consider to be the best non-urban train layout I’ve ever seen. While looking at the details is exciting enough the panorama shot is a must in order to absorb the true brilliance of this layout. I could spend hours looking at this.

If Alta-Vista has translated correctly this layout is presently on display on the actual island of Langeoog so if you’re in the neighbourhood check it out. And if any of our German readers can help me out with information I’d be forever grateful.

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  1. nolnet

    The layout is indeed on display on Langeoog until the end of the holiday season in october. It has already been displayed 2007, as a smaller, L-shaped diorama (the actual island is L-shaped). For this year’s season several new landmarks and scenes were added, thus the diorama became U-shaped…
    The father-and-son-team Andreas and Kai promise more scenery to come in 2009, perhaps even more in 2010, depending on Kai’s interest.
    (Kai must be 14 or 15 now, so in two years he might be entering his Dark Ages – noooo!!!). Let’s hope for the best.

    @Tim: I’d be happy to translate. What else do you want to know?

  2. Andreas Böker


    I’m one of th two who built Lego-Langeeoog. I’m very impressed by your comments. I never thought, Langeoog would be interesting outside Germany…

    Thanks once more!


  3. Martin

    Das treibt Ihr also in den langen Winternächten…
    Ein guter Grund mal nicht nach spiekeroog zu fahren.




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