Jimbo has a rough day

I took some time of time off to finish Jimbo’s rough day:

When the one-eyed snaked attacked, the two friends forgot to check their footing. Jimbo lost an arm and a leg to a mine, and it looked like his buddy Frank was about to lose even more. One could argue that the odds where against them.

“Finally, some action!” Jimbo joyously exclaimed, trying to build a makeshift shelter using his own blown-off leg and hand as a crude tool. He had always been one tough son of a bitch.

See more on either flickr or linusbohman.se.

4 comments on “Jimbo has a rough day

  1. Andrew

    I suppose “Nice!” isn’t the most appropriate response to this. :P

    Great explosion, well-executed (though somewhat shocking) gore, and fantastic change in texture for the melted asphalt.

    @Zepher: I assume Linus did use an old green torso, since you can’t put things through the arms into the body in new torsos.

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