11 comments on “LEGO StarCraft Terran battlecruiser

  1. Curtis

    Lots of wow, It’s beautiful. I would have made it a little smoother in some areas, less greebling and more plating, but it’s fantastic, and by far the best Starcraft MOC out there.

    I love the Factory, Barracks and SCV also. What is that other small object though, is it a Marine? I hope we can get more pictures of those smaller MOCs.

  2. strider_mt2k

    Battlecruiser inspirational!

    I can only stand, watch in awe, and try to learn from the incredible modelers on this site.

    -and so many spaceships! (My favorite subject in Lego)


  3. LiiBot

    That is a great work of dedication…i cant wait to see an Terran army of siege tanks, goliaths, medics, buildings and a whole host of other units and buildings…nice work…dreams do come true lol

  4. Dunn

    One word….err…acronym… ZOMFG. even the svc, barracks, and factory are so realistic. I am impressed. If this was ever sold, I bet that’d cost even more then the most realistic scale star wars model. 6 thumbs up. XD

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