Brickfilmers in the Wall Street Journal

Brickfilmers and continues to get more exposure. The Wall Street Journal has just published an article about brickfilming and includes interviews from Michael Green, Joshua Leasure, Robinson Wood, David Pagano, Zach Macias, Lewis Chen and myself, Nathan Wells. Purists should be pleased by my single quote. ;)

The article.

In addition to the article, there are two videos. If you’re interested in seeing brickfilms by those interviewed, click their names. Each link leads back to their Brickfilms Directory of films.

5 comments on “Brickfilmers in the Wall Street Journal

  1. Lego Shark

    “But Nathan Wells, a 19-year-old in Eureka, Calif., considers himself a Lego purist. ‘I do not paint, cut or modify Lego pieces in any way,’ he says.”

    HAH! I have only modified two peices- Some armor and a skateboard. other than that… I’m thinking of converting.

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