I’m off to NWBrickCon 2007!

  • Sigfig: Check!
  • Manel: Check!
  • Joe Vig: Check!
  • Henry’s clone: Check!
  • Snacks: Check!
  • Princess Box: CHECK!!!

NWBrickCon starts tomorrow! Look for daily updates to The Brothers Brick, and follow along at home with the NWBrickCon group on Flickr.

2 comments on “I’m off to NWBrickCon 2007!

  1. Josh

    I’m not going to sleep tonight. Oh, I can’t wait to immerse myself in Lego goodness for three days…..

    (See you tomorrow, Andrew!)

  2. Arpy

    I’m being cautiously optimistic here, but it looks like I might actually make it for the Public Expo. Hope to see you tomorrow!


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