I’m not 100% sure (correct me if I’m wrong — it has happened once or twice), but I think Tim Zarki may have actually started this weird but undeniably cool trend with “Captain Cake and Trusty Navigator” (above). The trusty navigator is wearing the helmet.

UPDATE: Tim provides A Brief History of Frogspace on There’s a Moose in My Salad.

Here’s Captain Cake on his command deck:

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  1. Lukas

    Allow me to tell you the story of Frogspace….

    Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far aw… wait.

    Wrong story.

    I sent spook a package of lego for his help with Next-gen, included was a dk bley frog that he instantly took a liking to, and named it “cake.” He made the little scene with Trusty Navigator, and Frogspace was born.

    That’s… pretty much it.

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