Historical Personages by Morgan19

I’ve admired Morgan19‘s minifigs ever since I noticed his great Firefly minifigs. The latest batch is a group of historical minifigs, entries for the Fine Clonier Historical Minifig Contest.

I might quibble with the “historical” nature of some of these, but it’s a great collection of minifigs, presented beautifully.

13 comments on “Historical Personages by Morgan19

  1. Lego Shark

    I was just checking those out at brickshelf. Nice. He had a whole ton of others. my favorite was either Marcel Marceau (who i think recently died im probably wrong) or Pele.

    By the way, That Bush figuer in perfect. exactly the same.

  2. smcginnis

    These are great, but the most accurate one is the third in this grid (from left to right)… especially the crossed-out text. ;)


    @VidGamer: Not a chance. ;)

  3. @Dunechaser&Legoshark

    And here I thought the LEGO community was different from the rest of the internet. I guess you find idiots everywhere…

  4. Dunechaser Post author

    I could have chosen not to approve your comment, but I believe in everyone’s right to express themselves (even when it involves the basic logical fallacy of an ad hominem attack). Be careful who you call an idiot.

  5. Morgan19

    @Dunechaser – Once again, thanks for the nod! :) I’m with you that some might not truly be considered historical, but to be honest it’s hard to say where that line is drawn, especially since the contest rules didn’t really specify. Do you define history simply by how long ago or short ago it took place? Or if it’s in a text book? Or maybe only if it has some impact on the world? I can’t pretend I know the answer, so all I can do is take my best interpretation and hope for the best!

    @Ty – I’m pleased to say that Dunechaser’s correct. Unless I overlooked something (which I don’t *think* I did), every single one of those figs is 100% pure, official, non-modified LEGO. I think that’s what’s really motivated me to do these: just like FBTB’s B-Wing contest, the challenge of developing something within certain constraints really appeals to me.

    @Dunechaser&Legoshark – (No real username, eh?) If having an opinion makes me an idiot, then for sure! I must be an idiot. ;) But then again…

    @ Anyone else bothered by the Dubya fig – If that one particular fig has stopped and made you either reinforce your own opinions or question mine, then that’s great. I’d rather have someone *thinking* than simply not caring. If you love him and think he’s doing a great job, wonderful for you– and I’m entirely entitled to what I believe, as well. I don’t think silly name-calling is altogether necessary, but whatever floats your proverbial boat. It’s no skin off my back. :)

    Take care all,
    Jamie (Morgan19)

  6. smcginnis

    Jamie—Your Da Vinci fig is great also. I haven’t had time to look at every fig yet, but I assuredly will.


  7. That same guy^

    I don’t think anyone’s an idiot for having a political (or otherwise) opinion. I just disagree with mixing it in with our favorite building toy.

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