Microspace Escort Carrier by Adrian Florea

It’s official: You can add Adrian Florea to my Favorite Builders list.

5 comments on “Microspace Escort Carrier by Adrian Florea

  1. Lego Shark

    Due to so- so angle, i cant tell if that turret is made of legs. This is hilarious- one of the very few things i remeber from kindergarten is being made fun of for making my blasters on my flat ships out of pants.

    “Those awen’t gwuns! Dey’re Pwants!”

  2. Kawabonga

    Well Dunechser I am glad that Adrian Florea is on your favorite builders list. He is on my favorite builders list too! His creations have high degree of originality when compared to other Lego builders who are also very good at building Lego but they are also very good a copying. These particular Lego builders are influenced by the media and popular culture, they are very adept and skilled at making Lego creations that are just modifications of Gundam, Five Star Stories, Macross, Revoltech, Shogun Wars, Transformers, Final Fantasy…etc There is nothing wrong with doing this, everyone does this or has done it, including ME, and I doubt that anyone can claim that they have never been influenced by someone else’s ideas. However, it annoys me when I read about certain Lego builders who are being praised for their originality which is compounded by their skill that is beyond what many Lego builders can do, but these same Lego builders are just regurgitating Gundam or Apple Seed.
    Keep up the good (more unique) work Adrian! Perhaps other Lego builders will follow suit and build something from their own imagination a few times.

  3. Cynt

    not to shoot down the previous post, but on ‘classic space’ he talks about his source is the saajuk and vagyr command corvette from homeworld 2… Don’t think it makes this any less badass, but… you get the point :)

    I love it, it’s a great model, and it’s a great mix of the sources he states.

    I’m really not trying to put the model or the previous poster, just trying to keep the facts around.

  4. Olog

    Heh, yes Cynt, you are right. Although I appreciate Kowabonga’s kind words and I like to think that they do tell the truth in a way, the thing is I like to be original compared to other builders (others will be the judge of that), but that doesn’t stop me from getting inspiration from some of the same sources as other builders, that includes video games, concept arts and anything that gets me building… and it’s these sources that are the not-so-original part. I’m just trying to create my own style and way of building.



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