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NWBrickCon is Just Around the Corner

You probably won’t see updates nearly as frequently from Josh and me for the next week and a half or so. Our LEGO time is being eaten up by projects for NWBrickCon. For a preview of what I’m working on, head over to my Work in Progress folder on Flickr. Leave a comment and help me improve my creations!

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New Van-Force Design from Shoji Kawamori

Azumu over at LEGO-BINGO reported last month (yeah, I know) that mecha designer Shoji Kawamori has created another Exo-Force alternate model using 7700 Stealth Hunter and 7707 Striking Venom.

Oh, and this one transforms.

Edge over at レゴ系(仮) (aka “The LEGO System”) provides a nice close-up of the mecha in flight mode:

Here’s are some pics by Azumu of Mr. Kawamori at an event held in LEGO specialty store “Click-Brick” (via LEGO-BINGO):

More info here on PPB about Mr. Kawamori’s previous Van-Force design:

  • Exo-Force Alternate Design “Van-Force” by Shoji Kawamori
  • Van Force Pictures and Instructions from gabriel
  • Hot Oden on a Cool Autumn Evening

    With three other guys picking up some of the slack over on The Brothers Brick, I’m hoping I can get caught up on the Asian-themed LEGO creations I’ve missed this summer. Bruce gets me started with a great little food cart from Brickshelfer kobachan:

    I’m not sure what all the letters on the carts sides are, but the first letter is O (お), so I’m thinking this is an oden stand. Oden is a hot pot or stew that includes ingredients such as daikon radish, potatoes, carrots, chikuwa (fish cakes), boiled eggs, and konnyaku (yam cakes). It’s popular in the autumn and winter, and even in modern Japan you might be able to find a street stall serving steaming hot oden to keep you warm.

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    All aboard!

    I love dark green. I love SNOT (studs not on top — a building technique). I also secretly love LEGO trains. So of course I love dagealka’s passenger car. I was actually conflicted on where to post this, since this creation is well suited for my other blog, Unique Brique Techniques, but it is so incredibly cool I couldn’t let the wider audience of The Brothers Brick miss it. So I decided to split the difference. Besides, it’s about time we got some trains on here to offset all those mecha and steampunk creations Linus and Andrew have been posting. ;)

    Busiest Zumbi Ever!

    MisterZumbi is at it again. I’ll leave a couple things for the other guys, but let’s kick this off with Mr. Z’s real-life version of Tim Gould’s Maschinen Krieger SAFS:

    Plus several funny new minifigs, including Albert Einstein and a one-eyed, mad professor:

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    Have the Internet and Blogging Improved LEGO Creativity?

    Alan Lopuszynski over at Burbanked linked to Linus’ recent post about robbed’s Terminator head and asks an interesting question I’d like to put in front of TBB readers:

    Impressive? Absolutely. Yet it begs the question: were people this creative before the Internet offered an outlet with which to showcase their efforts? Because in our youth, we were lucky to construct a rocket car out of Legos that actually looked like it was capable of rolling down the upstairs hallway. We have to wonder, had we the benefit of the self-affirming effects of a blog and complimentary comments from people all over the world, whether things might have turned out quite differently in life.

    So, dear readers, what do you think?

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    Mecha City Project at NWBrickCon

    With just a few short weeks left before the con, Mark Neumann has announced an impromptu “Mecha City Project” for NWBrickCon.

    Read all about it over on Mecha Hub, and contact Mark if you’re interested (he tells you how in his MH post).

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