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The LEGO Friends line launched in 2012 has certainly generated its share of discussion and even controversy. But whether you’re here because you want to read our reviews of the LEGO Friends sets or because you want to see what else LEGO fans are building with the new figures and LEGO parts, you’ll find a whole lot to like about LEGO Friends here on The Brothers Brick.

2016 LEGO Advent Calendars: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of your digital LEGO Advent Calendar! Each day, we’re revealing the day’s calendar model for the LEGO Friends, City, and Star Wars Advent Calendars. We know some of you want to be spoiler free, so you’ll need to “open” the day’s post to see the models by clicking below!

While you wait patiently for each day’s post, check out our Create a Calendar contest, going on now!

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2016 LEGO Advent Calendars: Day 1

It’s that time of year again! Time to break out the heavy winter coats (if you’re in the northern hemisphere), fire up the ovens for many, many delicious baked things, and prepare for the holidays. To help you celebrate, The Brothers Brick is giving you a digital Advent Calendar, where we’ll reveal each day’s mini-build for each the LEGO Friends, LEGO Star Wars, and LEGO City 2016 calendars along with commentary from our team of Contributors and Editors. To help you remain unspoiled, if you wish, the pictures and commentary on the day’s models will be behind a jump.

While you wait patiently for each day’s post, check out our Create a Calendar contest, going on now!

Let’s get started!

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LEGO friends on vacation at the beach

One of the best aspects of the LEGO Friends theme has been the selection of lovely coloured parts supplied for creative builders. Brick Art has used this colourful palate to his advantage in a diorama entitled Best Friends on vacation. This is no camping holiday, as Brick Art has supplied the friends with a fancy restaurant, a sun trap cove to build sandcastles, an ice cream cafe, plus some pony trekking and surf lessons for the energetic ladies. This diorama represents some of the best features of the Friends range in terms of colours, accessories, animals and special bricks. I love the gold ingots stacked up to form the roof of the large central building at the rear.

Best Friends on vacation

The pink gates from the Friends stables look great as the restaurant’s pink awnings, while this angled view allows the steep curved stone wall to be admired. There is plenty of action going on and lots of nice little details to be explored.

Left side

Heartlake High gets ready to rumble with mecha minidolls

Rather like Marmite, Minidolls have had a habit of dividing opinion into ‘Love them’ or ‘Hate them’  since their introduction in 2012.  I have to admit that I am normally firmly in the ‘Hate them’ camp as I much prefer the good old minifigure with its odd proportions and classic LEGO head.  Well opinions can change, as along came Eric Teo with his troop of minidoll mecha.

Purple Kiss #projectlotus47 #chapteronedaybreak

He describes these as female rangers in hardsuits and they certainly seem to have attitude with their chunky, brightly coloured suits and sporting some Exo-Force-esque hairstyles. Each character wears a similar suit but with decorative differences and armed with their weapon of choice.  There is not a hair bow nor butterfly accessory in sight!

It’s worth taking a closer look at these femme fatale rangers.

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Fly the friendly space-lanes aboard the R-9A Arrowhead

LEGO Friends minidolls don’t often get to blast through outer space aboard sleek, heavily armed ships with massively overpowered engines, but MiniGray! has amended that oversight with the R-9A Arrowhead. Vaguely reminiscent of a Taiidan gunship from Homeworld, the ship is striking in white with spots of aqua and red with machinery details in gray and black.

R-9A ARROW-HEAD ver1.2

See more of this excellent spaceship

First look at 2017 LEGO Friends sets [News]

In addition to the new Technic, City, and Nexo Knights sets we’ve seen in the past few days, there’s a fresh batch of LEGO Friends. The first wave of 2017 includes a full half dozen new puppies, a photo studio, and a great inventor’s laboratory. Take a look at all 15 new sets below!

41314 Stephanie’s House

LEGO Friends 2017

LEGO Friends 2017

LEGO Friends 2017

Check out more brand new sets:
2017 City sets
2017 Nexo Knights sets
2017 Technic sets

If you’re looking for some gifts this holiday season and have your eye on some new Friends, check out some of the great sales going on right now on Amazon. 41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster and 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel are both 20% off!

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More LEGO DC Comics Super Hero Girls unveiled [News]

After we got our very first look at the DC Comics Super Hero Girls line thanks to three new sets being unveiled, we now have a further three sets thanks again to the official LEGO Twitter account. These new sets will be available in January 2017.

41235 Wonder Woman’s Dorm Room ($19.99 USD)

Click here to read more about the new DC Super Hero Girls line!

First LEGO DC Super Hero Girls unveiled [News]

With New York Comicon coming up fast, LEGO has revealed a new line: DC Comics Super Hero Girls. The new line and first round of sets were posted on Facebook and Twitter this morning. These sets will be available beginning November 27, 2016, so mark your calendars!

Click here to see more new Dc Super Hero Girls!

LEGO Friends in Time

It’s not often we get to post a Friends-themed creation! This beautiful diorama from Matthew Hocker was built for the year-long Friends competition, held over at Rebrick.

This great diorama features a group of old-timey Friends out for a drive and a camping trip. There is so much detail here! From the great old car to the covered bridge, and the flora and fauna all over, there’s something to discover each time you look at it.

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2016 LEGO Advent Calendars: Star Wars, City and Friends revealed [News]

LEGO’s Advent Calendars are back for 2016, bringing 24 mini models each in Star Wars, City and Friends themes for you to build in the weeks before Christmas. This year you’ll find a snow-covered white Chewbacca and an Imperial snowman in the Star Wars Advent Calendar, Santa with the cutest Husky “reindeer” you’ve ever seen in the City Advent Calendar, and a cozy old-fashioned holiday party in the Friends Advent Calendar.

The Star Wars Advent Calendar will retail for $39.99 USD, while the City and Friends calendars will sell for $29.99 USD each. All three are now available on Amazon and the LEGO Shop Online.

If you want to wait and reveal each model as you open its door on the advent calendar, then you can just look at the boxes. But if you want to check out all the mini models for each calendar, click at the bottom to read the full post.

75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar

60133 City Advent Calendar

41131 Friends Advent Calendar

Click to see the mini models for each calendar

A Volkswagen Beetle to fit all of your Friends

Have you ever sat in the backseat of a VW Beetle? They’re very very small. Tyler Sky has captured the cramped nature and nostalgia for this classic car with his latest offering: a Friends mini-doll scale version of 10252 VW Beetle, which we recently reviewed.

VW Beetle (Minidoll scale)

What makes this adorable little Bug particularly wonderful is details: the roof comes off, and you can take a peek both at the trunk and the engine. I love the tiny red cooler strapped to the top!

VW Beetle (Minidoll scale)

Fluffy and furious: When good pets go bad

God help us all if grandma’s spoiled brat of a poodle ever gets its paws on a miniature-canine sized mech. And we’re definitely doomed if Fluff the kitten gains control of a flame-throwing bipedal hardsuit. This scene of certain terror is brought to us by Galaktek, right before the mouse began using an rocket launcher.

When Pets Rebel