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Dordrecht Water Tower

Erwin te Kortschot (buildingmaster1966) returns to the Brothership on back-to-back Saturdays with this vision in brown that was actually constructed sometime last year but only recently posted to Flickr. The castle-like water tower from the Netherlands was designed by architect J.A. van der Kloes and was completed in 1882. If you find yourself passing through Villa Augustus and in need of rest, the building is still in service as a hotel. You can find more information on the Dordrecht Water Tower here, with some great photos and a history of the region.

Water tower

Architectural double-shot

It’s time once again for a Saturday exploration into the always fascinating world of architecture. Both of today’s selections are from TBB neophyte Erwin te Kortschot (buildingmaster 1966), who has a very small but high quality stable of models on Flickr. We begin today’s ruminations with an 1898 Art Nouveau structure and National Heritage Site from Rotterdam, Netherlands called the “Witte Huis“. Designed by architect Willem Molenbroek, it is considered the first high-rise of Europe.

Witte huis front-collage

Don’t blink, because our tour ends as quickly as it began in Oxford, England, with the Radcliffe Camera designed by James Gibbs in the English Palladian style in 1749 to house the Radcliffe Science Library.

Radcliff camera build

If you’re a fan of the genre don’t miss Erwin’s outstanding Aloha Tower from Honolulu Harbor in Hawaii.