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Governor, Lazy Lackey and Sap de Aardwortel

Hailing from Wageningen, the Netherlands own Paul Toxopeus is on a mission to recreate the now defunct Dutch theme park Het Land van Ooit in LEGO. Paul’s latest effort is simply titled “Three Sculptures” but nothing about these models is simple. The one on the right reminds me of Madame Trash-heap from Fraggle Rock: your mileage may vary. Check out Paul’s Flickrstream for examples of some of the press he’s been getting for this project and for photos of Het Land van Ooit as well.

Three Sculptures

What do tigers dream of when they take their little tiger snooze?

Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her Catwoman suit?

I had the good fortune of running into Tim Inman (rabidnovaracer) at LEGOLand California a few years ago where we did our best to constrain ourselves from pilfering parts from master model builder Gary McIntire’s shop. All those rare parts…shudders… At any rate, Tim hails from the O.C. and as his screen-name suggests he has a fascination with all things fast and or furious. This particular car is an entry for LUGnuts 63rd Build Challenge entitled “Designing The Ralston Tiger!”. Thanks Tim, for keeping me out of LEGOLand jail, I’ve heard its far more intense than Disneyland jail.

Ralston Tiger

You have been elected chairman of the board – pay each player $50

TFOL Joshua Christenson from Washington State finds inspiration from the classic board game Monopoly and its mascott Rich Uncle Pennybags. Based on a characature of financier and banker J. P. Morgan, Pennybags beckons you for another rousing game of bankrupting your opponents. Joshua has been on a roll with his scuptures lately and is clearly someone to keep an eye on in the coming years.


Railroad Blues

Time for your Friday night train. Australian Mike Pianta (Scruffulous) strikes again with this stunning Y Class locomotive. Revealed at the recent Brickvention, this working train sports Power Functions gear like a rechargeable battery, IR receiver under the front grill, and a single motor. “Take me right back to the track, Jack.”


Machine n°1

Frenchman Vince_Toulouse seems to channel fellow countryman Mobius to bring his latest model to life. Simply titled “Machine n°1”, this flying conveyance sports an unlikely open cockpit and a great chrome section that really makes the model pop. Félicitations Vince, votre modèle est très inspirant, nous espérons voir plus de votre talent dans un proche avenir.


Those Canadians have had it too good for too long!

Military builder Andreas proudly presents: “At the Edge of the Future”, a diorama that showcases the nice lines of his M3A1 “Atlanta” Main Battle Tank. Andreas has some crazy rhetoric about America annexing Canada, but I will leave the fine print for your careful inspection. If you have the time, take a look at his other atmospheric scenes like Operation Big Apple or Neon Nights.

At the Edge of the Future Main LEGO sales & deals for Jan 25, 2013

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You call, we haul.

Dennis Bosman (Legotruck) says it took him six months to build this rugged Kenworth K100 (with Holmes 750) and even a caual inspection proves that it was time well spent. You can see all the fine details in Dennis’s Flickrstream or check out his website LEGO Trucks & Heavy Equipment, that features a wealth of design notes and details.

Kenworth K100 with Holmes 750